Check Out Some Sweet Live Footage of Chimp Spanner!

Chimp Spanner, AKA Paul Ortiz, recently made the transition from a one-dude bedroom project to a fully-fledged live act, and was part of the Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Tour in April, sponsored by our good friends at Heavy Blog is Heavy. If you are like me, and reside state side, you’ll probably never get to see Chimpy getting all djenty live, but you can have the next best thing because Corrosion TV has live an entire set’s worth of  CS footage, interspliced with interviews for you to feast your eyes upon. I’ve got to say, I’m quite impressed by the performance, especially considering that the line-up has existed for a fairly short time. Nevertheless it looks like they would be great to see live! So head over to Corrosion TV and check it out.


Night of the Living Shred Playlist – 5/20/11

Here is the playlist for last night’s “Soundtrack for the Robot Apocalypse” (AKA The 93rd Episode of NOTLS!):

Paul Wardingham – “Assimilate Regenerate”
Chimp Spanner – “Terminus Pt II”
Robots Pulling Levers – “Sumati II”
Amogh Symphony – “Polymorphic Infection: Releasing Proteus”
Mark Hawkins – “Carbon Based”
Jeff Loomis – “Miles of Machines”
Keith Merrow – “Shorted Out”
Kevin Suter – “A Mechanical Transcendence”
Andy James – “Chaos Theory”
Joe Satriani – “One Robot’s Dream”

I hope you enjoyed the show. Happy shreddings, enjoy the mechanized rapture, and stay tuned!

NOTLS Has Your Soundtrack for the (Robot) Apocalypse Tonight!

Word on the street is that the official date for the rapture is set for tomorrow, and rather than buying in to the Jesus idea, I’m sticking to the more logical robot apocalypse scenario. And I for one welcome our new sentient machine overlords. Anyway, to celebrate, tonight’s edition of NOTLS will be the soundtrack for our impending mechanized doom, so make sure you check it out at 9 PM CST on WSUM!

The Faceless Switch Vocalists, Troll Everyone

Just recently, everyone’s favorite space-tech-death band, The Faceless, confirmed rumors that long-time vocalist Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist had officially been replaced. According to a statement sent by Rydquist to Lambgoat, he left the band a couple of months ago. As for his reason for leaving the band, Rydquist said:

“I am no longer emotionally or artistically fulfilled by being the vocalist for the group, and that’s how I arrived at my decision. Touring’s luster has worn off, and I have found myself reconsidering the role I would like to take in creating and presenting music. Also, being a ‘professional musician’ was kind of ruining my love for music because when you rely on this stuff to make you money, as with anything, it is easy to become bitter towards it. Not that it was all bad, I had the best times I will ever have being in this band, but it is time for me to move on.”

To fill the void, The Faceless have enlisted the talents of Geoff Ficco, former vocalist of Kamikabe. Ficco has been handling vocal duties for the handful of shows they’ve played in Europe. What makes things even better, and funnier in my opinion, is that The Faceless just released a pre-production version of the new song “The Eidolon Reality” containing vocals from Ficco, but didn’t bother to tell anyone about the new vocalist. The vocals on “Ediolon” sound almost identical to the previous work from Rydquist; so identical that no one knew until guitarist/clean vocalist Michael Keene made the announcement on Facebook today:

“Our new vocalists name is Geoffrey Ficco and he is truly a beast! If you’ve heard our demo for “The Eidolon Reality” than you’ve already heard his punishing vocals 😉 Surprise!”

Hit the jump to listen to “The Eidolon Reality” to see for yourself!

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Time to Dust Off the Cobwebs

Well, its definitely been a long time since anything has happened here, partially due to a ridiculous amount of school work, mostly due to a ridiculous amount of laziness on my part. But i’ve been feeling inspired lately and ready to get back on the horse. So hopefully someone still clicks on this page every once-in-a-while, because this machine is rolling again. Let’s rock.

Devin Townsend Tour with Children of Bodom, Obscura & Septicflesh

In June, Devin Townsend will be releasing his one-two punch album combo of Ghost and Deconstruction, and to coincide with the releases, he will also be launching a full scale North American tour with Children of Bodom, Obscura (YAY!), and Septicflesh. It seems as though Obscura and Septicflesh will be rotating for the first slot on each night of the tour. Hit the jump for a full list of tour dates.

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Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit: The NOTLS Interview

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to get together with Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit after their set here in Madison, to chat about his band’s latest album, The Collective. I finally managed to figure out how to use Final Cut Pro, and put together a sweet video of the interview that you can check out right after the jump!

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Check Out Audio Recordings from the Jason Becker Tribute Show!


If you weren’t one of the lucky few who had the chance to attend the ‘Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet’ show in San Francisco a little over a week ago, then you will definitely want to check this out. Full Shred Ahead has some excellent audio recording of pretty much every artist that performed, including Greg Howe, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, and an emotional special guest performance by Jason’s life-long best friend Marty Friedman. It sounds like it must have been a great night, and I hope they do something like this again! Anyway, check out the podcast right below.

Periphery on Rusty Cooley’s Guitar Asylum TV

The crazy shredder Rusty Cooley has his own TV show in Houston, and this last weekend he had the djenter’s of Periphery in on the show. Check out the video below, and for more Guitar Asylum TV, check out the Guitar Asylum Blog.


NOTLS is WSUM’s Show of the Week!

Night of the Living Shred is proud to be WSUM’s Show of the Week! With the sweet title, comes a mention the stations website. And if you want to know a little bit more about the man behind NOTLS, you can also read the little interview they did! WOOOOOOOO!

Remember to listen to Night of the Living Shred tonight at 9 PM Central!

P.S. I realized after the interview, that I totally stole the “Make-your-own-question” from TNOTB!